Highland Cows


Highland cows thrive on poor pasture, improving the grazing and benefit the environment. Studies from America and the UK demonstrate that Highland Beef is much lower in fat and cholesterol and is also higher in protein and iron than other beef. They thrive and breed where no other cattle could exist, making the most of the poor pasture, calving outside and hardly, if ever, housed. 


They are exceptionally hardy with a natural and unique ability to convert poor grazing efficiently. They may look quite fierce but are very laid back animals and you can pass them safely, we just ask you to be cautious if there is a young calf - Highlanders make great mothers and tend to be very protective of their young.


The Estate reintroduced a herd of Highland Cows to Knoydart in 2000 to assist in the development of Kilchoan land. We felt it appropriate to keep up with tradition and organised a cattle drive with help from the locals, walking them in from the top of Kinlochourn and over the hills via Mam Barrisdale.