Kilchoan Estate Farm Shop


The Farm Shop is situated beside our office which is roughly a 15 minute walk from Inverie pier, heading towards Inverie River.  Go over the bridge and you will see the green building on the right of Kilchoan Farmhouse.  Open daily (including weekends) from around 9am until 5pm.


In here you will find a supply of Kilchoan Estate’s venison – mince, stew, steaks and roasts along with fresh vegetables, milk, breakfast food – bacon, sausage, our own free range eggs, muesli and porridge.   We have a selection of Arran cheese in the fridge along with various pates, Brie, Cheddar, butter, cans of soft drinks, small cartons of apple and orange juice, bottled water and flavoured water.  To compliment the cheeses and pate we have a selection of chutney and pickles.

Vegetarian or Vegan – Quorn mince and sausages are in the freezer and we have dried Nut Roasts – Sundried Tomato, Cashew & Cranberry and Country Vegetable & Cashew.  We also stock Almond, Soya and Coconut milk.

Stock will vary from what you see on the ‘Product List’ as we add a little bit at a time.  We also can have a ‘rush on’ one week and be completely out of something and it can possibly be a week before the goods arrive to restock.  If you want something in particular then please contact us and we can try to organise this.

Tel: 01687 462133 - If we are unable to take your call please leave a message, all calls will be returned.

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